18th Century France - Showcase Feedback

Recently put a bit of time into recreating a small segment of Paris from Assassins Creed Unity, it’s currently at a stage I’m comfortable with sharing and would appreciate feedback.

I’m probably not going to touch it beyond small changes and fixing any issues, but if I ever get some motivation to further add to it, I’d be tempted to do some interiors and populate the showcase with a couple more props, but that’d be fairly unlikely given the fact I feel like performance will become a big issue the more I add.

Mainly looking for feedback in terms of any inconsistencies, suggestions for additional content, or just generally if you like how the build looks.

Link for if you want to preview it in game: https://www.roblox.com/games/2335151032/18th-Century-France

Otherweise here’s a quick look:


I personally haven’t been to France in the 18th century but I can say this looks pretty good.


I don’t suggest you visit the location in this time period either, unless you like partaking in revolutions hehe. Appreciate it!


I love the build! Maybe create an entire map for a war game? I’d love to play a game with such incredible building


Incredible! And I’m not just talking about the build, the lighting was surreal, beautiful to look at, bringing the true concept of the build! Great work!

A suggestion I would make is: add cracked blocks, I don’t know if you’ve already put them in I couldn’t see very well from the pictures, but this gives a more worn look to the construction. And also add light pole outside, on the streets.

Oh, don’t forget some piles of straws in your build, so you can make a leap of faith, haha.

I’m curious to know, did you build it through blender or roblox studio?


This feels a bit more 1450… The Atmosphere.
I indeed suggest you to make it brighter, because France wasn’t at Dawn all the time.


glad you like it! I was actually considering making a map in this format for a game I already produce maps for called Energy Assault, you might’ve convinced me to go ahead with it.

I’ve found that lighting majorly makes up for a lot of the atmosphere in showcases so I’ve been trying to hone it in, glad you appreciate it in this build!

I absolutely do need a pile of straw, definitely a critical thing to miss out from a AC inspired build haha, and yeah I do need to invest a little more time in the finer detailing, so I agree it could do with some non-texture based wear and tear like cracked blocks.

Oh and, everything is produced in studio aside from a few props I made in blender which only minorly make up the showcase, I’m slowly making it a habit to use blender for content creation.

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Vive la revolution!

This looks amazing. If you search up “18th century France” on Google, you’ll see the aspect that these capture. These buildings really set the mood. Amazing job!


The build quality is amazing! The only issue is that the atmosphere feels very dusty, almost as if it’s in a desert. If you make the coloring more gray and overall dampen the lighting effects, I feel like it’ll look better.

Great work!

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The amount of detail put into your work is amazing. It doesn’t look like roblox, it looks like an art piece!

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Oh yeah I definitely see what you mean, the combination of the fog and the orange environment makes it look very, mexico-filter-esque and dusty, I might fiddle with the lighting at some point.

I’m really into history and I can personally say you definitely nailed the atmosphere & architecture of France back in the 18th century.

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The Showcase Is Stunning The Detail That Has Been Put Into It Is Incredible, You Really Feel What France Would Have Looked Liked In The 18th Century.


Love it looks great from what I have seen it looks realistic. But I am glad I have not been to France in the 18th-century death and I am happy to have not.

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