[1k+ member group][OPEN] Hiring Developers for future projects


  • Builders and modellers
  • Terrain artists
  • Vehicle programmers
  • Weapon programmers

Payment can be negotiated upon acceptance into the team, however we will work off of the following framework:

  • Percentage transactions from game passes
  • (Low) One time payout for work, not preferred

Due to the current success of the project, we do not consider “failure” an option. We currently have an extremely active community which is large and expanding - something which you rarely see on these recruitment posts!

It is best that you contact me on Discord @Tom#2621

I am also available here on the Forum, or on Twitter (tmackintosh3)


Founded in 2016, the United Kingdom modern role playing nation accumulated over 60,000 members at the end of 2019. Due to complications surrounding the administration of the group, a new community was created which is looking for new members of the Development Staff to aid the Armed Forces side of the community.

With over 300 active members in the Armed Forces, development has been slow. We would love to expand our development base, so if you think you can help please leave me a DM.

Thank you!


I am interested in the Terrarian Artist position.

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I think I can help. Also congratulations because I know how much work a group like this can take as I have my own.

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Let me know if you need a GFX Artist!

Are GFX artists a need? If so message me on the DevForum

I am interested in the Builder position if it has not yet been filled.

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I am interested in doing the terrain work

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