1P1M | Update Log Saturday, 1st August 2020

101 players, 1 microwave change log for Saturday, 2020-08-01T00:00:00Z

Sunday 16 August, 2020
There was an issue with the End Game that was causing it to immidetly end after it started, this has now been resolved [reported by @sping_bot]


  • Added Bloxiade!
    • find it at the vending machine near the middle of the map
    • when consumed, you’ll be able to run faster for a short amount of time
  • Thanks to ragdolls, you can now:
    • Run people over
    • Ragdoll on death
    • Throw pizza at people
  • Added a damage indicator to golden trees
  • More objectives!


  • A new billboard
  • Added straw umbrellas & coolers
  • Added a new, indestructible radio that spawns next to the microwave
  • Increased the sound dropoff, meaning that sounds that are further away will get quieter faster


  • R15 support! [EXPERIMENTAL]
  • Rebalanced swords in the end game
  • Added a ‘button’ for spectators in the end game :wink: [this is probably a mistake]


  • Boom Cola has been removed from Amabone for breaking Amabone terms of service on exploding drinks, you can still find it in toolboxes though
  • New songs have been added to the radio
  • Beachballs will now automatically be hit if you run into them
  • Added a feedback tab to the side menu!
  • Performance improvements
  • A lot of smaller tweaks & changes across the board!]

The following people were in the server when the box was beaten:
Farley120, XxxShadowxxX2016, snoopy304, tzaoray, aamosaku, ejobb5, megaspy101, galauasvsanvergs, spineyfish, Calamarieight, bonostark1, Unknown_Error0101, subject407orVictor, VAINILLAGIRLY, jacare4718, kareem927, cdnman, G1ZMooo, MegaNoober21, Meowy64, TypicalPokemonboy47, Ninja_KaiB, MonsterH, LTP322, Rafetheboss12345, poopguy31, NotEyl, Sebilica08, SharkOfGod, sping_bot

enjoy the update! NOW.