2-factor Roblox Account Action Confirmations

Hey all,

Ted here.

Some nights I go to sleep sometimes worrying that I could lose everything on my ROBLOX account. Many people have lost hundreds of thousands of robux, dozens of limiteds, groups, games, and even their entire Roblox account. However, I have an idea, which is used by a lot of other websites. I feel like everyone should be able to set up account security with their phone serving as a security utility.

What I think would be very cool is if players on Roblox can use the phone number set in their settings so that they have account action confirmation sent to their phone by text. If this were to be implemented, when players would enter their phone number through their account settings, their phone could receive a text message to first verify that they are trying to add this security method. Once they have their phone set up to serve as an account security utility, players should have options to how they want to set up.

For younger players on ROBLOX, since most Parents don’t allow their kids to have phones, they could either use their parent’s phone number to receive confirmation texts, or an email if the player has one, and if not their own email then their parent’s email.

Here are a few ideas that I have that players should receive a text message on their phone so that they can confirm:

  • Trades
  • Group Ownership Changes
  • Change email address
  • Change phone number
  • ROBUX purchases
  • etc.

What do you all think? These are just general ideas.

Anyways, thank you all for reading. Hopefully I’ve inspired someone to make this a feature on ROBLOX.


These really are some basic security functions that I’m surprised haven’t been implemented yet, I don’t see any downside to any of them, even more so if they are optional.


Big support. I’ve given Roblox my phone number already, why can’t I put it to use?

Also, I’ve got a couple more cases for you:

  • Updating assets, particularly places
  • Changing any account info
  • Buying items with R$ (minimum amount option maybe?)

Big support and I believe someone made a similar post about this topic not to long ago.

I believe text messages and email confirms are the way to go for protecting our virtual property. I think it would also ease my anxiety and allow me to have a better night’s sleep.

I suffer from the same thing as you, all I can think of is getting hacked and losing all I’ve worked 7 years for. But with extra security I think this will make account heisting impossible without going unnoticed. Roblox is crazy if they don’t add this in.

I think we should get a setting on how excessive we want this confirmation to be. I wouldn’t mind having it for big trades, group ownership changes, and changing my personal information but I would not want to do this for every Robux purchase. Perhaps a setting of low-medum-high would be good. Similar to Roblox’s already existing Trade Filter.