2 Free Gamepass Icons!

Hello, my name is KelzieDraws! I am a 2D artist on this platform and I have decided to give 2 of my game pass icons that I have designed away as I never used them. It doesn’t require credit, if anyone even uses this, but please don’t claim it as yours!

I didn’t have an idea on what people could use for any type of game so I just made 2 of the most common game passes I have seen: The one we all know and love; VIP and x2 coins!

Here are the download links if you are interested in looking at them/using them. It might not come out as HD, if it doesn’t direct message me here or on my other socials:

Twitter: @KelzieDraws
Discord: kelz#3763

Download links: https://imgur.com/a/x0Uli29

Sorry if they aren’t good enough/ don’t give off the same vibe as I did them on seperate days…


Nice work! Thanks for opening this to the public.


Thanks and no problem! :grin:

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These look really nice! Hopefully someone finds a use for them


Thanks and hopefully haha

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