2 GFXs, 100% Roblox Studio!

I had a friend ask me to make a GFX of them, so I made a GFX of them in Roblox Studio! This is my first ever GFX, and I would love feedback!

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Pretty good. A cool tip you may Ben interested in is that if you play your game, and then use control P (I think) you can go into a spectator mode that might make your GFX’s a little better. Additionally, you can go to the lighting tab and set it to future. Doings this will allow you to add sun rays, depth of field, color correction, etc.

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Not bad for your first GFX! They are both nice.

In the first GFX the kneeling is throwing me off a bit. Have you tried using reference images to help you with poses? I understand its a little tricky on Roblox Studio to move avatars around etc. but I find reference images to be helpful for a lot of things!


The second GFX I really like! I like how its an action shot with a bullet flying mid-air.

You can always edit your images afterwards to draw on some lines and blend them in for lighting etc.

Keep the good work up!

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Thank you so much! I had a little trouble perfecting the kneel, but I see what you mean on how it could be better!

Thank you, I will try Ctrl+P, and I am just getting into lighting, so I will try what you said! Thank you for the advice!

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It looks bad, that’s because it’s a game engine and not really having to do with your gfx itself. I think if you used a rendering engine it would look 10x better. This looks more like a game screenshot but I think it has pretty nice composition. The poses could be slightly improved and maybe try getting something more interesting and natural like. The image itself just looks really dull and you can fix it up by color correcting in photoshop (as well as using a different colors for your models) It just looks really weird for the second one where he just aims with one hand, he might look cool but realistically, he would be probably really afraid of the zombies and a better pose is maybe have him lean forward a bit to counter some of the recoil. (and rotate the gun a bit since sometimes people tilt their gun to aim instead of looking through the iron sights, also would be a nice touch if you added some sort of cover and there was some zombies with weapons idk)

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Thank you for the feedback! Just to tell you, I am not going for the realistic look, and I just did what my friend wanted me to do. He wanted him to be walking into the zombies firing a gun. I know I could have positioned the characters better, and I am still working on my skills in that area. I also don’t use photoshop, I use a free image editor. I thank you for your advice.

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Even if you’re not going for a realistic look, using a rendering engine will make it look better to the eye (more realistic shading and not necessarily photo realistic)

Ok thanks, I will try a rendering engine.