2 Light Fixtures

My friend asked me to make a soviet era themed light fixture and one that was just a lightbulb. Looking for feedback on the two simple lights I made, also the inside of the lightbulbs aren’t that detailed because I don’t know much about lightbulbs and just used photos to refrence.


They both look good and fit the time period. I think the actual light looks better since it’s not just a lightbulb hanging, and has the white cover on it.

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The Lightbulb Socket fixture does not contain a visible socket the lightbulb is plugged into, which makes it look like just a hanging bulb. The soviet-era light fixture looks good for the time period.

Both are lacking proper wiring. The Lightbulb Socket fixture has a black wire disappears in the chain. It should be separate from the chain (usually it wraps around the chain a little). The soviet-era fixture is missing this wire entirely. Both fixtures are additionally missing the protective metal wire, which I believe most fixtures of the time had.

As for the lightbulb itself, the spring (light emitter) is way too thick. They are usually very thin. It can be hard to model so a small metal “wire” can suffice, which can have the Neon material applied to it, with a warm tint.

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Looks good. I agree with the comments above.
My issue is the hook. It would slide down so the weight of the fixture causes it to hang on the chain at the highest section of the curve. Also if the fixtures get hit or swings for any reason the hook would easily slide out of the bottom link of the chain.

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll will definately consider making the wiring and light emitter differently when making lightbulbs/other lights in the future! :smile:

I agree, if I were to make the hook again I’d fix the positioning of it and make it appear like it wouldn’t easily slide out and fall! :smile: