2 new models (a hat and a hammer) - blender and substance painter

Hi everyone, posting 2 of my latest models. A large mace or hammer of sorts and a witch hat for the season. All work is done in blender and substance painter, which I’m just learning, (amazing program). Attempting to keep the work low to mid poly. I would be interested in modelling UGC items at some point, but I have not been accepted for it yet. Anyways, as always, all feedback/criticism and recommendations are welcome. Also if you have any tips on getting accepted to make UGC items, I’m all ears.

I’d like to add, I’m open to recommendations for modelling future items.


How long did I take to model. Also It looks great.


Thanks! The hat took about 10-15 minutes, the buckle was throwing a fit. The hammer took roughly 20-25 minutes. Substance painter took a little longer, roughly 30-40 minutes as I’m still learning what all the shiny new buttons do.

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