2 Player animation in one AnimationTrack

How can i make a 2 Player involved animation, Like an cutscene with 2 players fighting for example with swords.

All suggestions, Help will be appriciated!

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I am not a big animation guy nor am I a fighting game guy but my best guess would be to weld the players together and then play both of their animations at the same time. Don’t even know if welding would be necessary if it’s a cutscene; you could probably just anchor both of their root parts, put them in position, and play the animations for a cutscene. Don’t exactly know the context for what you’re doing but maybe that’ll give you some ideas

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I mean, for example like an parry, When both of the players at once parry with sword. They enter an quick time event, to which they have to press a specific button, the player that pressed most times the button at once wins the quick time event and attack the enemy with a huge damage after the event.