2 Player Secret Hideout Tycoon Update Logs

Here are the most recent 2PSHT updates:

12th January:

  • Removed Christmas update.

23rd December:

  • Christmas update!
    Added new Christmas theme to the map
    Includes snow on the ground, falling from the sky, and other features like snowmen around the map.
    Added Christmas purchases to each tycoon.
  • Fixed display bug where certain items cost a different amount to the displayed price.

31st July:

  • Added ‘Completed Paradise’ badge for $5B.
  • Private Servers are now FREE!
  • Added an Atmosphere (new fog).
  • Improved the chest system so the chest is always spawned somewhere in the game and switches locations every 10 minutes.
  • Increased cash given by money boxes by 5x.
  • Your tycoon progress now saves for 24 hours (prev 45 minutes).
  • Increased transparency of the water.
  • Decreased the price of a token to 500R$.
  • Fixed the Auto Cash Collect gamepass.
  • Decreased price of games in the Bunker.
  • Raised walkspeed gamepass speed to 21 (prev 20).
  • Increased spin speed of wind turbines.
  • Halved the price of helping drills.
  • Added a second seat to the cars - drive with your friends!

29th March:

  • Actually fixed the Temporary saving, which still wasn’t working.

25th March:

  • Treasure Chest now spawns properly on the new map.
  • Added a place for the secret badge on the new map.

21st March [New map!]:

  • New smooth terrain map. Let me know if you like the new map and what could be improved!
  • Fixed bullets appearing on all guns.
  • Night is now 1/4 as long as daytime.
  • Fixed a bug when speed pads are combined with speed coils.
  • Improved window controls
    You can now make the windows walkthrough.
  • Increased the list of things that save when you leave and rejoin in less than an hour (some purchases did not save).
  • Fixed temporary save of tycoons.

Only the last 10 updates are logged temporarily.