2 players game idea

Hello everybody. I wanted to make an obby style game for two people, where these two people are connected by ropes. Style these games: Cartphus [C3 !] [2 Players] - Roblox, [500M] Rope Pals [2 Player Obby] - Roblox. But I wanted the idea for something that would differentiate my game from others

It’s best if you come up with original ideas you’d like to see in those games.
Things that would make it fun or stand out.
Make a list while playing that type of game including what you do and don’t like, and what you’d like to see in it.
Go wacky and wild with your ideas. Have simple changes, but also make radical ‘reach for the stars’ types of ideas. When you come up with a long list it’ll give you an idea of how your game would come together.
Try building and scripting it. If you have issues with making any of it work feel free to come back here with any questions.