2 players tycoon

Hello everyone!

So I think we all have seen those 2 player tycoons on roblox. But every one of them works like 2 tycoons cut in half and put next to each other. So I was wondering if it would be possible to make it so you could have 1 tycoon for 2 players? What I mean by that is that you and your friend could both work together in one tycoon and buy each other buttons and share money with each other!

But the problem is that I can’t seem to find anything how to make it! I tried searching it on youtube, google, devforums but haven’t found anything like that for now.

I tried changing the script but I’m really bad at coding so I couldn’t do that

After that, you should include more details if you have any. Try to make your topic as descriptive as possible, so that it’s easier for people to help you!

If you have found anything or can help me create it the please tell me.


I dont know if that helps, but just try to make a normal tycoon for one person but just add two doors and make the owners two. The only thing you would need to change in this situation is make the two owners the only ones who can collect cash / buy upgrades in the building.

That has already been made in a way,
The game is called: [“Brooms”] Wizard Tycoon - 2 Player.

If this is the kind of game you want please reply and I can help you make it!

just create a normal tycoon, instead of 1 owner, put 2, or let the buttons be triggered when the players are in the same team, like @supergeorge2007 said

yes thats something I wanna make

It would just be a normal tycoon, make a team for every tycoon (if you don’t already have them), then you can put p1 and p2 variables in each tycoon and set them to what player goes through the tycoon door, then you can make p1 and p2 variables, on your money collector you can have 2 or have it store 2 different money values. If a player steps on the money collector you can check the variables and assign them the money based on p1 and p2 variables. you can do the same with the buttons by checking if whoever the button is owned by (p1 or p2) and if the person who touched the button is the owner and if they have enough money.

wait no its not what I wanna make… I didnt play it fully before and didnt understand it doesnt work like I want. I dont want seprated buttons I want that you andyour friend can buy every button together not having seprated buttons

In that case (I am assuming you know how to make a basic tycoon), you can give the base ownership to the first two people who claim it, and give edit permissions to both.

Have a value that controls the amount of people that can claim a tycoon at once. If a owner leaves, decrease the value and vice versa with a max of two.

Note that if you are planning on saving the game’s data, you will have to get creative as with a traditional datastore script all the player has to do is join a rich player and “steal” all of their data they worked for