2 step verification will not disable

I disable 2 step verification and I still get codes upon login. It shows its disabled @ “receive unique codes at specified email address”. I have turned it off and on and did the codes upon login and no resolution. The button is facing the off position but it still sends codes

Just for clarification, when you say logging in, you meant just logging in on the normal login page right?

Yes, I log in on the app where it has the big logo and the games and it sends codes even though its disabled. I log in with the code and it says its disabled and I repeat the process and its the same thing.

I flicked the switch to enable and disable it and its still the same issue.

That seems to be strange, I don’t seem to be experiencing this issue. Did you try to disable your 2-step-verification on the website instead?

I tried on PC and mobile, no resolution. :frowning:

Errrr, I’m slightly stumped. Is the issue occurring when you create a new account and turn on 2-step-verification?

No this an existing account, with 2 step verification. I go to the option to disable it, it gets disabled and still sends codes. I log in and it says its disabled.

2 step has been on for 2 months.

Yeahhh, I’m not too sure myself. You might want to try to contact Support?

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