2 years of game creation - Egg Hunt 2022 , feed back on design, game play

Happy Easter!

I have been working on this game for 2 years, building the game solo, as I learn how to put it all together, into a real playable game.

As those of us have done it, we know it takes a massive amount of time, skills, effort, failure, and joy, to really get a game whole.

I am looking for feedback on the following.

If you really want to give feedback, please play the game for more the 52 seconds, there is more to it then it seems.

  1. Over all map design.

  2. Lighting, color choice, effects.

  3. Game play, core loop game play.

  4. Whatever else you would like to comment on.

Thanks a bunch and enjoy!

If you would like to thumbs of if you like it, that is cool. There are more haters out there, just like in life, but I bet 99.25% those haters have never even laid down one block in Studio.



Its a nice game i like the design of it

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It looks like a fun game! I think you’re getting a lot of dislikes because of the name. People are seeing “Egg Hunt 2022” and joining it quickly, only to find out shortly after joining it was not made by Roblox and to them is a “knock-off” egg hunt.


You need to change your game’s name, People might think it’s a scam and not the real egg hunt, so they will start disliking.

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Agree, The game is good and looks really fun to play. the map designs are cool, and yeah the game getting a lot of dislikes. Because of the game name. and most people think its a real egg hunt 2022.

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Agree, you just need to change the name of the game to something. Like “Unofficial Egg Hunt 2022” And also add “Eggs rewards are in experience ONLY and will not be reflected in your inventory” on the description of the game. So people will see its just a unofficial egg hunt 2022.

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(I leaved a liked of the game also) Game is cool and fun!

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To be honest, pure Egg hunt games is generic and super boring. Great job anyways. Maybe you can create an Easter egg hunt plugin! A system that automatically puts a few eggs on the map and a tiny GUI at the corner of the screen. Just a suggestion if you wanna continue with egg hunts

Thanks for all the feed back!

Is there even an official Roblox egg hunt game this year?

It depends on the community, if enough creators decides to add eggs then they might do that.

I don’t really like it here’s why

  1. the terrain makes no sense I see that your going for a unique style but there’s a reason that people don’t do terrain like that
  2. why is there a radar that tells you where the eggs are it ruins the point of the game
  3. why are there swords that cost robux the free one you find one shots
  4. the ui is inconsistent theres 2 loading screen, the shop button is an image and all the rest are text it just looks like free models
  5. the obby is unoriginal and you fall through five layers of the map you just see the underside of the map and get stuck when you fall down make it so you can’t see the underside of the map also why is there water under the obby it just makes it annoying to get back to the checkpoint just make it a kill brick
  6. the thumbnail is kinda bad it looks like a stolen picture with your game in the background im not saying its stolen it just looks like that
  7. none of the models are consistent there’s no style again it just looks like a bunch of free models there realistic trees and then a very cartoony dragon ive seen half the models in the toolbox
  8. the egg open animation is delayed which isn’t a big problem and I do like the animation but the background is to bright
  9. are you saying you spent 2 years making this game or you have 2 years of experience?
    and that’s mostly everything there’s a few other smaller things but my fingers where starting to hurt but anyway I don’t like the game

also you’re saying that 99% of people disliking your game haven’t even placed a block in studio first you can’t get mad at people disliking your game its there option that its bad there’s a reason there’s a dislike button second most people on the deform probably have placed a block in studio because I know I have

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