[$200 - $500 USD] Builder for Half-Life Alyx inspired game [CITY 17]

About Us

I am the leader of the Combine Empire - My group is based on Half-Life 2 / Half-Life Alyx. We are currently in the process of creating a city based on City 17 (from the games mentioned). We are looking for additional builders who would be interested in working with us to complete our city.

The Team
@TheCombineOverlord - Project Director
@Aleuvian - Project Manager
@Stratasoul - Primary Builder

About The Job

Looking for additional builders to help recreate a City 17 (From Half-Life 2 / Half Life Alyx) inspired map for the Combine Empire. Various models and a large portion of the map are complete but additional builders are needed to assist in speeding up the project.

You will be tasked with assisting our main developer in completing the map. This is a large city game with various districts and locations included on the map.


Must have a portfolio.

Looking for very skilled and talented developers capable of using blender, and optimizing performance by taking measures to reduce part count, triangle count, etc. Should be well versed in all areas of building development and modeling.

Should be familiar with the game Half-Life 2 / Half Life Alyx. Need to have a comprehensive understanding of City 17 from these games. (If you own the games and are a fan that is a plus!)

You will NOT be rebuilding gameplay components in their entirety. The developer assigned to this project must infer parts of the map that are not shown in gameplay to create a full-scale map that can be playable on Roblox.

MOST IMPORTANT: You must provide weekly updates on your progress until the competition of the map. You must be productive and work efficiently to have the map built promptly.

Samples of our progress


We are paying $300 - $500 USD upon completion of the city through PayPal or whatever platform you prefer. (Price is negotiable, please send us your portfolio we are looking for the best.)

Contact Us

Please contact me on discord TheCombineOverlord#2805 and send your portfolio via DM. You can also contact me here on the Developer Forum.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

We are looking forward to working with you!


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