(200$) Experienced Programmer needed for Powerups ( similar to Mario Kart )


Omega Studios is currently looking for a auxiliary scripter who will assist the main team with two tasks.

Task one will be scripting powerups. These powerups are similar to Mario kart ones ( Rockets, boomerangs etc) Theres is currently 16 in total.

The image above is just an example and has nothing to do with the game.

In addition the next task which will be slightly more easier will be scripting the maps.
Each map will have a environmental obstacle which moves into the players way.


The first task and one map scripted is priority and expected to be completed by 27th this month.


150 USD Which will be paid at the end of the commission( Payment at the end of each task)
The extra 50 USD is for bonus if you complete task on time.



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