$200 External DataStore that supports OnUpdate and UpdateAsync

About The Job

I am looking for someone who can make an external datastore that supports OnUpdate and UpdateAsync using long polling (as well as the traditional GetAsync and SetAsync)

More info

  • datastore needs to be hosted on one server
  • all Roblox game servers will be sending requests to this server (expect over 1,000 servers)
  • the data should be stored in RAM/other fast memory and on the hard disk
  • total data will only be like 100MB
  • as close to real time updates as possible (there are at most 9 active subscriptions per server at once)
  • you’ll need to use one request for all of the 9 active subscriptions because of what @blobbyblob mentioned, but because they may change on demand you need to use a separate connection to send the desired subscriptions on a change if that makes sense
  • I want to host it myself, so you’ll need to make a script to auto install/show me how
  • I don’t mind paying over 1k usd per month to self host it but it should be as optimized as possible on your end
  • at the beginning of each day your datastore should update some stats as well (very simple, I will write a lua script for it)


If you think you might be interested after reading everything, please contact me at Acreol#0001 and say the secret word


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Quick warning about long polling: Update HttpService wiki page to indicate 3 concurrent connection limit

This caused a nefarious bug in one of my projects, and nobody acknowledged my request with the intention of updating the wiki. >:|

Just make sure your 9 active subscriptions correspond to only 1 long-polling connection.


What operating system are thinking of hosting this on (Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD)?

I’m already working on this, but I know it will be hosted on Linux (to allow better performance for the service and allow use of certain software needed for it to function.)


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