[$200] Hiring Builder to finish Map

About The Job

Looking for someone who’s able to finish up the current map of my game, that’s around 30-40% completed already at the moment, Need to be creative and somewhat experienced with the “Low Poly” and or minimalist style of building. If you do not feel the pay is fair for the work, please let me know and we can rethink pricing before finalization.

The Team

@tommydanska Original Scripter
@STR4T - Scripter


Payment will be upfront, instead of cash if you prefer to have a split Robux percentage paid from the games revenue, that may be talked out as well.

Contact me

Link to game

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Added your discord, I might be able to help!


I’m interested and I do jobs like this all the time.

Discord: Ravogan#0883
Twitter: @Ravogan_RBLX

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(Added your discord)

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Added you on Discord. My Discord is Ted#3573

Thanks for reading.

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