[2000 R$+] Hiring Scripter

Rebooted Studios is Hiring a temporary scripter to aid and hurry up development of our upcoming game “BattleBlox Ultimate.” The Game is essentially “Super Smash Bros.” for Roblox but with some variations.

The pay would be 2000 robux from a t-shirt (I will cover the fee). The game will have a menu with the options: Play, Shop, and About. The shop is the only incomplete part. You will be making to shop functional for coins and for Robux. You will also be assisting with rounds ( Duration, winner sequence, player heart counts, etc.) Other things are not required but would be helpful. If considered you will be filled in more.

The other task requiring work are:
Some Basic UI work
A round system
Currency system
Reward System
Some other stuff.

You should not be making a full system on you own. If you go above and beyond you will be give an additional 3k Robux. Good Communication is required. You should know what you’re doing. Thx for reading.

Fill out this form to apply:

Group Link: Rebooted Studios - Roblox


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Could we get a bit of info on the game, so we know what we’re working with?

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ok, I added a bit more detail.

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Hi, I subbmitted, hope you accept me

You might want to specify what you mean by ‘some other stuff’ as that is quite ambiguous.

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