[20,000 ROBUX] [OPEN] Hiring Builder

About Us

Hey, we’re The Organization, a Roblox group devoted to a specific genre roleplay in Roblox.

About The Job

We’re currently looking for an experienced builder for our up and coming Project, “ALYX”. As the primary builder for the project, you’ll be responsible for the outdoor and indoor sectors of the facility / experience. We expect builders to have some past experience with building semi-realistic structures.


:moneybag: We’re paying 20,000 :robux_gold: for the completion of the facility.

Contact Us

:speaking_head: You can contact us via email at organizationdevbranch@gmail.com . If you’re uncomfortable with emailing us, or unable to do so, please message us here on the DevForum. From there, we’ll proceed through Discord. This is mostly due to me having 41 friend requests.

Thanks for reading! Please inquire us via our business email if you have any questions regarding the project. :slight_smile:

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