[200R$]Hiring an icon artist!

What i want

How it should look like

I do not own those icons


I will be paying 300 R$ but Roblox takes 30% so it will be 210 R$
If i think that the icon is well designed, i might add 500 R$

Payment Method

If you have premium :
You send me a shirt that cost 300 R$, and i will buy it.
If you dont have premium i will make a shirt on my own group and buy it then i will give you the robux i received.


You can contact me here,
On discord ItsChoco#0902
On Twitter @Beez_upRLBX
Or on Roblox Beez_up

You must be 13 or older to apply.

Thanks for reading :smiley:

I’m interested!

Do you have discord?

I do. Check Dms 30 charrrs

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