(200USD/100K R$) State of California hiring a scripter (! CLOSED !)


Hello! I am looking for a long-term scripter for our police roleplay style game.

About us

We are a new up and coming state/police RP group called State of California. We currently have 110+ members without our game even releasing! This means there is a great chance that we will explode when we do release our game.

Our team:
Our team currently consists of:
@thedjhouse - Overall designer/builder

@TellusTheEarth - Builder (doesn’t have dev-forum)
@Allein277 - Builder

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a scripter who is experienced in scripting systems such as an arresting script (That also logs), cars, guns and much more!


We, of course, have a few standards we have to abide by. These include:
You are 14 or older.
You have at least a year of experience with scripting
You are professional


The most exciting part. Pay. We have a budget of 200 USD which is meant to pay for all of our team. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but I promise you this is able to go up. We are planning on making around 150-200K in our first year of release. This means for you that you can make up to 100K. (Until we make more of course, as your pay will increase as our income increases.


You can either contact me on discord: SurfersSurg#6937 (try SurfersSurg#0001 if that doesn’t work). Or send me a e-mail: SurfersSurg@gmail.com.

We hope to hear from you.

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I’m interested my discord is Barty 2016#1019

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Hello! I am interested to know if you need a GFX artist?

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Would be welcome! Shoot a DM on discord

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I don’t have discord at the moment, I disabled my last account after someone started targeting my group so I have decided to stay away from the app for a while. Is it alright if I message you on DevForum messages instead?

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Ye for sure :slight_smile: hate to hear about getting targeted

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I would be able to do that, I have contacted you at bryancololee#2857. Looking forward to talking with you soon!

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I am interested and have contacted you on discord. My discord username and tag is Storeguy#1820 :slight_smile:

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