2010 style AOT game

Made some assets for a game Im working on and wanted some feedback on how they look so far

Assets made for the wall, Lift, Cannon and the tracks they use to move along the wall, in the distance you can see the giant trees, I used the universal surface for a brick texture

aot 2010 gear

Simple buildings and horse/cart variants
aot 2010 ground

And finally the gate
aot 2010 gate

Hope you enjoy and give feedback!


That looks really cool! Although I wasn’t on Roblox in 2010, I still like the building design. Only one critique though:

The rest of the builds are really nicely detailed, but the sides of the wall seem a tad bit monotone. Maybe add some streaks of a darker gray like you did with the gate?


The dark grey on the gate are the gates chains for lifting lol, in the show aside from overgrowth on the bottom in the form of vines the walls are just one tone


Ok. I’ve never seen the show, so I was speaking from just a building perspective. IF you want to keep it accurate to the show, that’s fine :slight_smile:

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I’ve never watched AOT, nor was I on Roblox in 2010. But damn, this is awesome.

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Looks good! But it looks a little more better then 2010 style

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Obviously speaking any game thats 100% built to be like roblox in 2010 will probably be unplayable lol, its more the blocky aesthetic and limited shapes people had to use in 2010