2014-esque Roblox - a css theme that attempts to restore the legacy website

2014-esque Roblox! now you too can give the roblox site a personality & soul!!!

a css theme for roblox that attempts to transform the current roblox site into ones reminiscent of the legacy site (pre-2015) with lots of assistance from the btroblox extension (yes this theme relies on it)!!

:warning: ropro and rogold extensions are kinda compatible but are not recommended for use with this theme!! they will break things in some way

currently includes:

  • 5 different site layouts to choose from
  • every known holiday site theme for both 2013 layouts
  • 2 signup layouts
  • a couple of customizable options
  • logo replacements for everywhere except the devforum
  • absolutely no dark theme support

:bangbang: only currently available on userstyles.world & greasy fork :bangbang:



Awesome! Really freshens everything up again.

Hello. Could there be logo replacement for the initial loading screen when you press play? That doesn’t seem to be skinned for me.

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How can I apply this? (yes im dumb)

This looks absolutely awesome and the nostalgia is hitting hard.

Would love to hear more updates on this, and if possible how to set this up in the theme of old Roblox clan groups.

you would need the stylus extension, if not, then download it here, and then go to the userstyles.world page, then press “install” then press “install”


Thank you! It worked! I can’t believe I didn’t see the bright glowing “Get Stylus” button…

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…Not the actual ROBLOX launcher screen. The fake popup that shows when you click play that tells you that Roblox is loading, get ready to play or download it.

oh, I don’t get what you mean at first