2018 Sales Calendar


This isn’t all too different from the current 2017 list.


Hopefully the Halloween event will have much more effort put into it. Hollows eve was great apart from the numerous bugs that disabled me from actually getting passed the first few stages.


Can’t wait for the next few themes! :smiley:


I might want to have Aerial Driving up and running before the Universe event starts, for two reasons:

  • Pretty much the same category (Sci-Fi)
  • Can be used as a personal deadline: The event month is the same of my birthday month.

Just saying. Thank you for posting this!


I would honestly love to see a cool Christmas game this year, maybe even dev for it.


Although I might just get creative and make one myself :thinking:


I’d love to make a game for an event…


Made some changes to October - December :wink:


Very interesting! Really glad to see the Halloween and holiday events expanding, especially since they’ve felt rather small these past few years. Really interested to see what you guys do across a massive amount of ten games!


Hyped for hallow’s eve :hugs:


can someone translate those dates into more proper english
(im being serious)


Hallow’s Eve is from October 18th to November 11th with Holiday Magic from November 13th to January 2nd. Does that clear anything up?


I’m actually really dissapointed, that “Holiday’s Magic” is actually sponsored Aquaman event…


The Holiday Magic event being cancelled does not mean that it was intended to be the Aquaman event or the other way around. Don’t jump to conclusions. Multiple events are running at the same time right now.