2018 Sales Calendar


Hey Everyone,

A lot of devs have asked for a Sales Game Calendar. For those of you who don’t know, our monthly Roblox event games are based on a predetermined theme that changes every year. Sales games is a great opportunity to learn, brings new users to your game, helps retention and monetization, work closely with Roblox and a program manager, have your game associated with brand name sponsors, earn money as games contractor, and it adds excitement to your game and the platform.

I am making this public for the first time to encourage game development. Remember to be considered for this event, we do have to select games that have a minimum visits per month. I am not posting that number because we want flexibility in the final decision we make on selecting games. I do hope this encourages the community to create new experiences on our platform. Feel free to always pitch your game to us, we will always listen!!!


*Dates subject to change

2018 Spring & Summer Accelerator & Incubator Applications!

Awesome. Can’t wait for those “new games” events


Time to start developing for next winter :wink:


I too love a slightly squished image.


Ahhhh, this could be a chart for people looking to create games specifically for these events


I can’t stop noticing that now! :frowning:


Thank you! Not only that, but it’s really nice to finally be able to discuss such things out with friends, and get hyped over upcoming events! Really curious to see what new game would be made for ROBLOX Summer Games!




hallows eve hmhmhm


If we were to create a pitch for a game that already exists, it would just be a concept of interlooping the game with the theme for the event? Or are we given more details to make more specific concept pitches?


Im confused, do we submit our games to be chose for?


We still choose on our own but you can always ping us that we should consider your game. That has happened before and we choose their game. :slight_smile:

I want to encourage everyone to find ways to show their work to us!!! Ex: Twitter, Dev Forum, Etc…


Heroes of Robloxia II ?

Hmmmmmmmmm :wink:


Oooooh, looks awesome! Hopefully we get giftsplosion too!!

The stars on the right remind me of the ‘graphic design is my passion’ image


Wait, so are these the 2017 events or the 2018 events? A lot of these themes look like they’re re-used from this year, but the calendar and article name says 2018.


It is 2018, some are reused. Again, I am open to hearing new themes for 2019!


Thanks for posting this! The developer relations team is going beyond my expectations.


Wow cool! Thanks for posting this.

Such spoilers tho lol


A Parkour event would be cool :123:


I remember hollows eve being one of the funnest games Events on roblox. I might actually remake it just for fun.