2019 iPad Mini (5th Gen) not supported by the iOS Roblox App

I recently got the new 2019 iPad Mini (5th gen) and am unable to play games in the iOS Roblox app. As you can see in this screen recording when playing any game shows a very brief message and then goes black and becomes unresponsive.

After looking through the video frame by frame, I was able to find the message:
I’m assuming due to how recent this device is, the app isn’t sure what it is and declares it unsupported. This occurs on all games 100% of the time, not just the Egg Hunt Hub. I’ve restarted the device and reinstalled the app, but it didn’t fix this issue. I’m also using the latest version, iOS 12.2, which the device ships with.

Edit: It appears that the latest update to the Roblox iOS app (Version 2.381.295409) doesn’t fix this problem.


This appears to be fixed, but I’m unsure how it was. I haven’t updated, restarted, or reinstalled lately, I just went on to check and it worked. All games are playable and the message no longer appears.