2019 Summer Creator Challenge Potential Partnership

Hi Developers,

We have another exciting partnership for you all.

Roblox’s education team is creating a new coding challenge for students around the world that launches in June 2019. We need your help creating the environment for the coding challenge.

We are looking for two developers to partner up with who specialize in scary, sci-fi, and spooky atmosphere. This is a paid partnership.

  1. Builder / 3D modeler
  2. UI / graphics artist

This partnership will most likely be sponsored so there will be IP that needs to be incorporated into the environment.

If you are interested in participating please apply HERE by January 7, 2019.

Developer Relations Team


I can’t wait to see the outcome, good luck to those who apply. :slightly_smiling_face:


:eyes: this is very interesting, can’t wait to see what it’ll be!


Only two developers?


It’d be cool if in one of these challenges there were automatic messages telling you where you might’ve gone wrong. At one point I was going to start a Roblox coding club in my school, and I made some place templates where I would tell the students what to do, and if they did something basic wrong (i.e. Didn’t anchor a part, or forgot a step which was detectable through instances) there would be a warning in the output telling them exactly where they went wrong and how to fix it.


You just described my entire fandom genre… But first I must ask:

What’s the age threshold? Like, are we allowed to go full-on Dead Space, or do we have to preserve the sanity of the younger kids?


Creator challenges are for all ages (just like any Roblox event for that matter), so no, most likely that’s not what the opportunity entails. The sponsor might have additional requirements too regarding content.


Thanks everyone who applied. The application has been closed.


Its great that Roblox is doing these kind of scripting challenges it really will encourage more people to start scripting on the platform.

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