2020 Spring Accelerator Mingling Thread

I made it into the interview phases for Fall 2019, but didn’t find a coder in time. So, if anybody wants to help me out and join my squad, and you’re interested in either racecars or skateboards, HMU. :wink:


Hm, well I am sure 90% of the users here are looking for some coder to join in their team, but I am a builder myself and am quite interested in the program. So! If you’re out here looking for a builder I can share with you some of my work :slight_smile:

Discord: Evan (OneSetMind)#6031

If our chances for the program are well there are some living perks

Bonus Perks:
I can cook :smiley:
Cleaning would never be an issue
Constant Karaoke
Meme stash share
Daily over-energetic motivational quotes

The Team Leader is the main point of contact. They should make the final call on game design decisions. This isn’t to say game design shouldn’t be a team conversation, but ultimately a single decision must be made. If this doesn’t help your decision, I would entrust the Team Leader role to whoever enjoys organizing more.


Thanks for clarifying!

One more question - are we allowed to bring in a project we’ve previously been working on, or do we have to start a new project?

I think you can bring in an existing project. From what I heard at RDC, you propose your plan for a project to a supervisor and you get a red light or a green light depending on if the project is feasible given the time frame and if the idea is good and unique enough.

@RoughSphereBlox please correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi everyone, I’m Tom, 18 and from the United Kingdom, my online alias is HeadlessHorror, I’m looking to attend as an accelerator this year and would love to hear from some other members and potentially find a team or partner to work with during this period. I’m a 3d modeller and builder, I have skills in team leadership and game design/marketing. I’ve been producing games online for just under 8 years and have been a part of many projects such as Mining Simulator, Undersiders and many other awesome games.

I’ve linked a portfolio below of some of my recent work:

I also use my social media as a portfolio so you can take a look at some of my most recent UGC creations and/or work I’ve shared online.

EDIT: I’ve since been reached out to multiple developers, I’m pretty sure I’ve found the person I’d like to partner up with but if this changes I’ll update this post, thanks!


Howdy Developers!

My name is Ted, I’m an 18 year old living in Florida, and I absolutely love creating immersive User Interface and other ‘things’ in Photoshop and on Roblox. I’m looking to see if anyone wants me to be apart of their team as an accelerator this year.

I have a passion for making games. This summer I’ve worked on 3 games of my own, one that just did not launch just because I decided it would not be appropriate, another one that I’ve launched with a friend of mine called Roblox Rap Battles, and I’m currently working on a new game with the same person who I worked with for the last three games that we’ve created, hoping ideally to launch it within the next month or so I would say.

If you want to read more about me and my work, you can check my Portfolio out here: Ted | Digital Artist For Hire [UI/UX/GFX] - Public Collaboration / Public Portfolios - Roblox Developer Forum

Discord: Ted#9246
Twitter: @realteddavis
Roblox: https://www.roblox.com/users/17166501/profile

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Hi everyone,

I’m a programmer looking for a builder to team up with. I’ve created multiple successful games and various smaller projects. DM me on Discord at int#3780 and we can exchange work/portfolios to see if we’re a good match.



Hey everyone, my name’s Matt. I’m currently attending college as a computer science major and have been coding on Roblox for about 7 years now. I’m looking for a team or a builder to group up with and attend the 2020 Spring Accelerator program. I do have a great idea for a game, but I’m open to other ideas. If you are looking for a programmer you can contact me at:

Discord: Koach#0104



I’m a 27 year-old experienced developer and programmer. I’ve made 5+ games on Roblox (no hits yet). I’m looking for a builder to team up with for the accelerator, and maybe share living quarters with for the 3 months of the program.

I’m interested in being the team leader, I’m responsible and have been living on my own in Los Angeles for several years.

I’m also intersted in leading the project, I have a game concept in mind I’m already programming for, you would be building the buildings/shops/environment, and of course you would be helping to lead the direction of the gameplay and content.

I love making games, so I’m looking to have some good times with somebody who wants to take a chance on the program and on my game concept.

DM me here or on Discord: shmoo#3289


Honestly, I’m not 100% if I’m going to participate yet, but I might as well post!

I’m a Canadian who is one semester away from graduating university with a degree in Psychology and Computer Science.
I participated in the Accelerator program in Summer 2018, where I worked on Book of Monsters. As the leader of that project, I worked on most of what you see in the game; the scripting, UI, graphics, the monsters, some animations, and most of the design decisions.

I’m not looking to join a team, I want to form my own as the team leader because I have experience and a fun game idea that involves monsters, food, and fighting.
I’m looking for a partner who has experience with 3D modelling and building; but the more skills the better because I already have a lot on my plate.

Bonus points if I already know you!
Hit me up on Discord: barcode#2430


If anyone is interested in looking for a scripter/programmer for this, hit me up on Discord: Isosta#6977

Here is my professional portfolio: https://timdeeter.github.io/
This is what I use as my Roblox Portfolio: https://twitter.com/terabyterblx

Hello! I hope I am not too late here with 7-days left until the deadline.

I’m Skoobi, or Ethan it doesn’t really matter. I’m currently 17 but will be 18 in November and I am currently attending highschool in my senior year. I’ve been scripting on Roblox for around 5 - 6 years I can’t really remember exactly when I started. I have had my ups and downs on the site and recently this year began going hard at developing games. Currently, I am working on a personal project called “Headbutt Simulator” which is set to be released soon and has been super fun to develop! It has been my first serious game, I have invested a lot of money and time into it and I am ready to see where it goes! It feels great to create a game that you can play and be proud of and I would love to join others in recreating the same feeling! I am obviously looking for a team and/or partners who can help create a team to sign up.

You can view my work all over my profile. As of now, I am using a group called “Skoobi’s Games” to work on Headbutt Simulator and any future games I create by myself.

This opportunity looks awesome and I want to learn so SO much more about scripting. If you are interested in inviting me to your team or want to partner up shoot me a DM on Discord or tweet at me -

Discord: Ethann#4988
Twitter: @SkoobiDoobiRBLX

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Hi everyone! I’m Sunny, an animator and 3D artist that’s been on the platform for nearly a decade! I recently graduated with a BFA in cinema animation and want to really take a crack at game animation. The Accelerator Program would be a wonderful opportunity to get some in-studio dev experience and to make some life-long friends (all while making a really cool game!) I made it to the interview portion of the Fall 2019 accelerator application, but unfortunately couldn’t continue because I couldn’t get a programmer in time. I’m really hoping to hop on board a team for the Spring term!

[Skills] Animation, 3D modeling, clothing design, level design/building

Portfolio: [Closed] Sunnytamos | Animator, 3D Artist & Designer

Discord- Sunny#1111
Twitter- @sunnytamos

Edit: My teammate and I are looking for an additional member! If you can build, UI Design, or have other creative talents, let me know ASAP!

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Greetings everyone! :canada:

I do Map design, 3D Modeling & Building, I’m Canadian that hope to make game development my future. I am currently 18 with a huge passion for designing games and been designing for 4 - 5 years and this opportunity truly seems amazing so I’m willing to do whatever it takes to dedicate and be accepted. I’m looking to join a team.:smile:
Portfolio: XE17 Builder,Mesh,Maps,Models Portfolio (Updated)

Contact Info:
Discord: GOD#0841
Twitter: @XE17RBLX


If there’s anyone still looking for a team, I just want to say that I’d be interested in recruiting people to work with me on a game that I’ve been planning to make for a while now. If a space oriented RTS sounds appealing to you, I encourage you to contact me! I’ve recently started drafting the outline for this game and don’t want to pass up the chance of working on this as an accelerator for Roblox. I have a lot of experience programming but I would love to have a builder/3D modeler, GUI designer, and a SFX artist help bring this game to life.

I’m currently a 2nd year Computer Science major at the University of South Carolina. If you’d like to see an example of my work, I co-created a game called Heroes vs Villains which was heavily inspired by the Heroes vs Villains gamemode in Battlefront 2.

Discord: TJ#4649
Twitter: @FrogNinjaX

Whats your discord? Is it just Evan#6031 or is it OneSetMind#6031?

I have been captured by a pokeball so I am no longer looking for a team XD

I know I am really late to the party, but its worth a shot. I am a programmer/scripter/coder which ever word you prefer. I am looking to join a team or create one. I am totally okay with either one, I have my own ideas but other people also have epic ideas! I just turned eight-teen three days ago as of the posting. I currently work at a company called Smart Source doing back end Java coding for there website as well as help desk support. I have been coding in Lua for over a little over 5 years. I can most likely script anything you throw at me! I applied for this program in spring and I didnt have a team and I was denied. But this time Im aiming for the clouds and I hope to make it in! If you would like to recruit me or join me feel free to hit me up!

You can DM here or you can DM me on Discord
Discord: Dirty Dan#0002

Here are some “game” examples. Listed from oldest to newest. Although SimBlox is a game I am actively working on! All 3 of these games were solo runs so I did everything you see on my own.



@cardgamechampion and I are looking for two more people to join our team. We’re both very proficient builders and scripters. He scripts better than I script, but I build better than he builds. That said we’re looking for a few more people to aid us!

We are specifically looking for a graphics designer, a 3D modeler, and a builder/scripter hybrid. If you happen to have another skillset, still feel free to hit us up.

My most prized project (you’ll need to hit me up in order to get access):

@cardgamechampion’s most prized project:

A collaborative effort of ours (won 4th place at the RDC Game Jam!):

Quick little fun facts about us:

  • We’ve both taught Roblox building/scripting at instructional tech camps
  • We’ve both been invited to RDC
  • We’re both from the East Coast USA
  • We work really well together, both in the ideation and production phase of game design

DM me on the DevForum if you wish to join us!

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Hello, lil late but we’re interested in expanding our team for spring :slight_smile:

@alertcoderf and the Sonar Studios team is looking for a talented individual who would like to apply with us for the spring internship. We have a few rough last minute game ideas and are ready to apply asap!

We both got into the summer internship, which we created our accelerator project, Dragon Adventures:


Previous games together:

Team Info

  • @alertcoderf Scripts
  • @Erythia 3D modeler, Builder, Animator, Game lead
  • 2019 Summer Accelerators
  • 2019 Fall Accelerators
  • We have an amazing community and work extremely well together in an office setting

We’re just seeing what kind of talents are out there! Ui designers, modelers, builders, scripters, ect.

If you’re interested contact me on discord @ Erythia#0666