2022 texture help

Hey there, so I’m using the new 2022 textures and there’s some textures I don’t like. Is it possible to keep one 2022 texture while having the rest the classic textures?

Thanks for reading, Para.

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I imagine this is to do with Materials, right?
If so, what I would do is in studio, enable MaterialService in File > Beta Features, and from there navigate to this option:

Here, you can replace new textures of materials with old ones by overriding them. The old textures can no doubt be found online or in an old version of studio if you have one.

Good luck! :smiley:

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Thanks for the help, it actually worked. I was able to override the new texture and actually got a better texture than I was expecting. It’s like a remaster texture.
Again, thank you for the help, you helped me solve this instantly.