2024 quick align tool not showing

I’m trying to find out how to get back the new align tool that I recently lost access to.
The new align tool, as I’m calling it, is a part of studio that allows you to align parts quickly and easily, without opening the 2020 Alignment plugin. It would allow you to align parts quickly and easily while moving them. It also included a small box that would show up letting you move a specific distance.

So far I’ve tried finding anything about this new feature and enabling all beta features, but with no hope. I would like to get this enabled soon, because I don’t want to have to go back to my game additions to realign them. I understand I can use the older align tool, but it’s not as powerful and takes longer to make one alingment.

I can now see the box to allow specific distance, and see the hotkeys in the corner. I also see the spheres that align to edges of parts, but I can’t snap to them. This may have been because I disabled and reenabled all beta features,

this thing?

Is Snaping turned on?

have you checked if you are doing everything right? Dragger QoL Improvements [Beta] - Updates / Announcements - Developer Forum | Roblox