[ 20k+] Aesthetic Homestore Build needed

Aesthetic Homestore Build

Hey Developers! I’ve recently come to the conclusion homestores are quite cheap to make, and could make me a fortune. As developers are biased and expensive, I need maybe 1k usd for my project/ 100-500k robux. This means I need some profit,

Regarding the Build
I need A quite visually appealing homestore. I don’t have a set design in my head, but I was thinking of having it in some city square with a few stores instead of 1 large one, could ensure some environment details and etc. Although, this isn’t a set style and Im mainly going to be looking for creativity if YOU are applying .

Minor Details
Im going to be looking to fill over 50-200 mannequins, for launch I would like to get over that 50 mark.
I could keep you for a V2 or even V3 if you are excellent and consistently engaging with my upcoming community
I don’t actually have a store name YET, so if you have any suggestions it would be great.


My budget consists of:
10k In robux LIMITEDS
22k robux funds
2k on my account
Up to 100$ on Paypal

BUILD 5-10K Robux Funds/ equivalent in USD
SCRIPTING This is some Minor UI work if possible, scripting the clothing, maybe a VIP gamepass and some others 5k/ 30-40$
USER INTERFACE Nothing major, maybe a ‘‘Menu’’ with the gamepasses, some credits and some information 40$/5k?
GRAPHICS I am of course looking for immense graphic design. You MUST have some experience in this field as I will be asking for quite a bit. 5k/30$?

Of course, Im offering percentage with this, and I think it would be a big decision to choose this, as Im planning on having 5-10k ads a week,

10k ads = 1 Million user impressions = Maybe 10 thousand joins/clicks? = 1-2000 purchases. Lets say an outfit is 10 robux. We will be making 14k robux ( fees included ) funds a week on estimate if we indeed stick to 10k robux on ads. . This comes down to ad design though and some other Minor details like the actual clothing.

Contact Information

You can contact me on the following:
Discord: JCS#9999
Twitter: @CatxtrophicRBLX
The Forums!

You MUST have Discord to apply, Its my preferred method of contact with others.
You MUST have built related assets, I will instantly be blocking you if I see a consistency in cartoony ‘‘low poly themes’’ in your portfolio or discord application. Sorry! Its just how I operate.

If you have Any issues with my pricing, please don’t contact me. I’ve recently got some backlash due to my prices. If you don’t agree, don’t apply. Its a users choice to work for me,
Other than that,

Hope everyone has a lovely day and I hope I can get some applications!


Whats your discord? As its my preferred method of communicating;

I prefer to chat through DevForum Messages, my discord account is currently disabled. DevForum messages are moderated so it’s less chance of both of us getting scammed. Hope this doesn’t prevent you from hiring me.

Interested in building, I am xJxck_yy#7636

Hooyah!, interested in builder Necrophosy - Portfolio

Discord: -Aliijandro#0807

Hello I can do some scripting for game. My discord is SnarlyZoo#8612

i’m intestested in scripting.


Hi there! Is the graphics artist position still open?
I would like to work with you…
Discord : Ay-Men#7917

Interested in the building position. Discord: bigpoppa#7546

Interested in the Scripting and UI position.

The Builder position has been filled, but I would still apply!
All OTHER positions are Open! DM me at

Can script! send me a request JAWS#3267

im going to bed rn so ill reply back in the morning!

Updated my Discord Tag to
Sorry for any difficulties

You found somebody? I’m just a beginner and I will do it for 2-5k. We can chat through Roblox messages or on discord. My discord is DudeDontCommentOnThisDripBoy#8324

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I’m still looking for most positions. I have found a GFX designer, but I am still welcoming all Positions. DM me at:

Interested. I sent a request on discord.

Im interested in the builder position! Contact me via discord @ Umpire#8048

Can’t wait to get in contact!

I can script!

Discord: JLM#7624

Builder and GFX positions have been filled.

Dm me at JCS#9999

The Builder we had hired has just quit after some time. Meaning the Builder Position is vacant.
Payment is 30-70$ or ROBUX equivalent.