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Hey! We’re The Bundle House team, a upcoming game development group. We’re looking for programmer who are willing to join our group project!

The game concept is about to be kept as secret, but the game is all about simulator game with unique ideas. Might contact us for more information and to know the job!

The Team
@YZJ7 - Game Builder
@ohPenqviin - Game Modeler
@You - Programmer
@BraveGFX - Game Manager

You can see our progress so far here:



Our game needs only 1 scripter who is ACTIVE and only have one game priority which is this project. We need at least have 1 year of programming and 13+ years old

We are paying 10k-20k for upfront pay, it still depends on activity and progress have you made + we will paying 35% game profit!


Discord - Brave#0820
Twitter - https://twitter.com/@BraveGFX

Thank you!


I would love the job but I dont have 1 year exp :frowning:

Would it be possible to describe what you would need scripted?

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Contact me on discord: Brave#0820

Hey I’m interested dm me at Lyte#0001

I am interested. I will reach out to you on Discord.


DM me on discord Brave#0820 or twitter @BraveGFX and also you can contact me here in devforum

Sent a friend request! Looking forward!

Have you already sent a friend request?

I think it would be a good idea to include ‘R$’ in your title to avoid confusion.

Did you find someone yet? or are you still looking for a scripter

Yes, do you have any portfolio?

Are you still hiring for the scripter position ? If so, contact me with slay101jr#3438

Kind regards, slay

Are you still looking for someone? I sent a fr on discord

I am a programmer for years, I can help your community with programming

love the acronym “TBH” haha good luck

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