[20k+] Third Person Shooter Scripter Needed!

Hello, my team is currently looking for a qualified scripter to code a roleplay zombie shooter with mixed action and PVP.

Currently, we need a third-person shooter weapon system the absolute most so if you know how to make one, this is definitely for you.

Must have 4 years experience (or be a scripting prodigy) (or both)
Have a general idea of handling exploiters/script vulnerabilities
Know how to script weapons
Open schedule and/or quick response times (prioritize this project)
Must be a New Member or higher on the devforums
Must be within 6 hours of PDT (GMT -7)
Must be able to speak coherent English, proper grammar included

If there is absolutely ANYTHING you need clarified, my dms are always open! Contact me @ Parish#9473 on Discord with any questions you need answered about the requirements, and if you want the job. Thank you for your time😄

I’m available as a scripter, I can discuss more when you are available.

You can always add me @ Parish#9473. I am least busy right now, so now would be a nice time to send me a DM :smiley: :+1:

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