[20M+ CONTRIBUTED VISITS] cakehunterman | Advanced Programmer

Hey, I’m Cakehunterman or Cakeyy for short. I’ve been playing Roblox for five years and developing for two years. I hope you like what you’ll see in my portfolio.

I worked on a few projects, here’s what I’ve got so far;
https://www.roblox.com/games/5071556760/Project-Corridor-Open-Testing - Flee the Facility-inspired game, coded front + back end.
https://www.roblox.com/games/7135656646/Shoot-people-off-a-map-simulator - Coded weapons and airdrops, as well as gamepasses.

I’ve coded a few obbies which spiked a couple million visits but I don’t feel like posting them here as there was barely anything to code than halos and obby checkpoints.

Work systems

Tower defense system - Used OOP for placement and ray blacklisting certain fields in a folder.
Placement System
Plane System
Pet System
Admin Commands - With anti-exploit protection.
Simple customization system
Very early FPS Framework Demo
Global Leaderboard
Train system
Transformation system - Sorry for bad VFX - that’s not what I specialize in.
JoJo inspired game + Stand and attacks

What I am experienced at
  • Datastore2/Datastores + Saving data
  • Any form of front-end scripting + back-end coding (UI, mild-complex systems.)
  • NPC Movement
  • Quests
  • Spells + Attacks
  • Backpack system
  • Round system
    & more!
  • Modular code - I make code easier to read and more efficient.
  • I am now available for short + long term.


I’m able to work for 3-5 hours daily depending on my schedule. You may contact me anytime.


Preferred payment is USD, and I only accept hourly or per task. Minimum pay for a task is $10-$15 (:robux:1000-:robux:1500)


Discord; Cakeyy#2977
Contact me in Devforum messages.


Hope you’re interested! :wink:


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