21 Jun | City Arena | Updates

City Arena | 21 Jun

Hello Everyone!

Good Evening! Thank you for joining us today! This will be our first update after releasing public BETA! Please read below for a full version of the update log!

  • We will be releasing public BETA today!

Public BETA will be fully released for all Roblox Users from now till 17 July! This will allow us to quickly identify bugs and solve them ASAP. You may join our communications server to inform us about major bugs and reports you would like to make!

  • The all new Settings UI will now be released!

The settings tool of the game will allow you to change the graphics of the game, change volume and change many different parts of how you want to customise your gaming experience.

  • 1 New Bicycle Shop!

The all new bicycle shop will now be made available for public! This bicycle shop will be under the Commercial Tab of the game. You may get it for free now as the game has not started with any pricing system yet.

  • Introducing the War Function!

The war function to City Arena is currently new and is working towards full completion by end of June. Players will be able to go for war and attack other cities! They may choose to destroy the players city or fight with them and cause a clash. However, this will affect each other’s economic activity!

War Function | City Arena

Bugs & Improvements Updates

  • Minor terrain issue fixed so that NPC Vehicles will no longer get stuck
  • Major UI revamp to meet current trends
  • More new TestModels up in Workspace to test more models for City Arena
  • Currently improving on Report System made in Settings UI.
  • and other Minor Bugs Fixes

Thanks to these people for making this update happen! Make sure to check the game out here!

@IsaacYePlaysRoblox (Lead Developer)

@Kaid3n22 (Senior Developer, Acting Lead Developer)

The QA Team

The Moderation Team

The Contributors Team