[225,000 R$] Make various animations for Eviction Notice!

About Eviction Notice

Eviction Notice is a project led by Repotted and GodzGalaxy expected to release within a couple weeks. We’ve also made other titles such as Survivor and Big Brother, so you might know us from that :sunglasses:

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The Job

We’re looking for someone to create a few different animations for when players walk our a door. The default one is shown below:


The more compex ones are the ones that we’re looking for. We can provide a list of different animations to do, but some examples are:

  • Crawling up the stairs and out the door
  • Jumping around the railing in a “parkour” fashion
  • Getting shot out by a cannon (props provided)


We are paying 15,000 R$ for each animation for up to 15 different ones. Payment will be delivered after seeing the effect but prior to receiving the file for it.

The expected deadline for this is December 20.

The deadline is not negotiable, but if you won’t be able to meet it, apply anyway! We’re open to splitting the workload between multiple people, so you won’t have to do everything before the deadline.

Contact Us

You can contact us here by messaging @Repotted or on Discord at Repotted#5719.
Please include prior work in your message.



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