2/3 update prog for COM

Hello! Since the last update progress, there have been a lot of changes. a lot of new buildings, with the main thing being a GUI reduction and a whole new lighting system. If you could give me feedback on the lighting, what I could do to make it better, and what I could do to make the buildings look better it would be appreciated. Thanks.


The “road closed” barriers look like they are floating. I would recommend adding some rubble that can stand the left sign up so it looks better. The signs on the buildings are a little bit too dim and I’m having trouble reading what they are saying. A bigger sign or a partially lit up sign could add some exposure.

Most of the space looks empty, too. The big warehouse (I’m assuming) could have trucks or boxes laying around. The road could also have signs, benches, trash cans, etc scattered around it, adding a parking lot to the bank could improve it too. Overall just add decorations around the map related to the environment.


Personally, I would have to agree with @Poltoq