[25% - 30%] Low-poly Modeller

Our Project

Our first project, in brevity, is a physics-based obstacle course with time attack elements, giving a competitive edge. It’s in a stylised low-poly theme, with wide array of cosmetics available. In addition, there will be numerous types of mini-games to play with an elimination-esque feel to it.

About the Job

In order to fulfil our desires, we would like to reduce the workload on myself and partner by delegating modelling to someone entirely, allowing us to focus on what we need to. Your goal is simple. Create low-poly, stylised assets that fit the given project’s theme.

Here are just a few references...


Since there are currently only two members within Bitwise (myself and the co-founder), there is the opportunity to split the revenue in thirds, with the remaining 10% going back into the group for marketing purposes. Of course, percentage based payments are always a gamble (in my opinion).

Because of this, I’ll personally try my best to accommodate any needs via my own money if possible.


  • Preferably have some form of experience with a 3D modelling software
  • Provide a portfolio showcasing some of your work
  • Provide an estimate of your working hours

Contact Us

You can contact myself here on the DevForum @Vrilith
You can contact myself on Discord at Vrilith#9647

Disclaimer: If there is anything that is too ambiguous and needs clarification, seems unfair, or something I’ve missed, please let me know.


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