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Hello! My name is Mattsplayhouse/CatholicChurchRoblox! I enjoy creating Terrain in Roblox Studio! I have created lots terrain maps since i started last year. I am in the Central USA time zone and i am available (2-3 Hours Monday-Friday) and (2-4 Hours on Weekends)

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Everything is Now 25% OFF
Terrain : 300-10000 Robux depending on size and quality.
I Usually accept percentages. I Do Not accept long term commissions.

Contact Me Through:

:roblox_light: [Dev Forum Profile]
Discord : Catholic Church of Roblox#5568
Or contact me through the comment section below.


nice terrain ! you are really good

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Thank you so much for your reply!

Thank you i wish i can hire you but my game doesnt have terrain i finished all the models almost script and almost done with UI and i do not have as much robux and i can only pay percentages of rn

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Well im always open if you ever need me!

can you build terrain for free if thats possible?

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I apologise but i cannot. I do want to thank you for taking the time to ask this question!

God Bless!

i made all the low poly assets in blender

Everything is Now 25% OFF!!!