[250$ USD + 30%] *Project B* Programmer

Hey guys, my partner (EnDarke) and I are seeking a proficient programmer for our project [Project B]. EnDarke and I have been working together side by side for over a year now under https://melon.dev/ and have a lot of experience working with gaming industry professionals and real life brands. We specialize in level design, 3D modeling, and building. Public portfolio: [UPDATED] EnDarke | 3D Artist & UGC Creator

While the studio and idea behind our premiere title has just been established, we have a conceptual game design document laid out and a UI designer lined up. We also have a reserved 200k R$ for publication purposes.

Please visit the Game Design Document here: [LINK]

Our hope is to find a programmer who is looking to be involved in all respects: conversations, expanding game design, contributing their own ideas, and passionate about making front-page quality. To incentivize any potential applicants still 50/50 about this, we are offering both:

  • 250$ USD - Paypal payment

  • 30% stake in the studio

Price isn’t the problem, we are always looking to find the largest pool of applicants to narrow down from.

If are you interested or have any questions, please reach me on:
Discord: Truth#9536
or privately message me on the devforums.


Note: We hope to evaluate many applicants to find the best for the team. I would definitely recommend applying. We keep everything professional, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to have fun. We are looking for an absolutely great programmer to fill the spot, so please apply! :eyes:


Just to add: we are looking for a portfolio, GitHub, or completed project of some sorts.

New information: Added a public viewing document for anyone interested!

Still looking for potential applicants!

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