[250+ USD + Game Percentage] Hiring a programmer

Looking to hire a programmer

@EggYolked - Building, 3D Modelling, Animations and UI Design (voice actor too)
@flyes - Builder
EMPTY - Programmer

Hello there! Group name to be decided is a small development team which are looking to expand. We’re looking for a builder to join our team and work on our Game!

We want programmers who are a expert in their field and have at least a year of experience. We will want someone who is active.
Whats required:

  • Viewport frame
  • Cutscenes
  • Guns
  • First Person
  • Map Render
  • Playing audio in specific places
  • And more tasks
  • Character customisation

We currently have one upcoming project on it’s way! It’s a story game/ single player! The planned release for the game is around December! This game is about you as a FBI Agent solving mysteries etc. More information will be shown once hired! I will be spending up to 50,000- 150,000 Robux on adverts for Beta and way more upon release.

Payment will be 250+ USD and a Game percentage if wished (Price’s are negotiable)

Discord for any issues: AaronJ#9991

Hope to see you soon and work with you soon! (I will get back to everyone who sends me their portfolio, I won’t leave people on a cliff hanger or ignore them. I will tell you if I hired you or not.)


Do note: This job opportunity is still open! Please do not Spam my form and only apply if you have past experience or work to showcase!

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