250K R$ Hiring a UI designer

The Job

You will be making the UI for the entire game
The specific list of what you need to make can be found here

I’m personally leaning toward an Overwatch style UI (bright,semi minimalist,semi cartoony,not too professional)

A couple of dos/donts:

  • Root frames should be relativeYY
  • Don’t use UITextSizeConstraint
  • Don’t use 9slice
  • Upload images as white opaque and color&set transparency in studio
  • Have a reasonable hiearchy and naming convention
  • Don’t rotate your frames in Roblox, rotate them in an external software before uploading them
  • Button images should leave minimal border whitespace
  • Icons and other non button images should be uploaded as squares and leave minimal border whitespace

The overall game aesthetic will be similar to this

The game will be a sequel of sorts to the original Nuclear Plant Tycoon
Here is an outline of the game if you’d like to learn more about it


This will have to be your only project and you must be able to work at least 4 hours everyday. You should be able to voice chat and have relatively fast response times+excellent communication


I want to pay after completion. I can pay in USD or other currencies instead of Robux too as long as the relevant conversion taxes are subtracted from your end


Thank you for reading
If you think you might be interested, please add me on discord Acreol#0001 and add Caleb#3610 too


I added you


Added you :smiley:


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