[250K+/Percentage] Wayfort is looking for professional map builders

About Us

Hello, I’m Bourgist. I am the owner of ‘Wayfort’ and I am in need of builders for a new map. Wayfort is a realistic car game based on racing, it has over 100+ cars to choose from and realistic sounds!

The Team
@Bourgist - 3D Modeler, Scripter
@mrmcmuffinz123 - Scripter, UI Designer
[VACANT] - Map Builder

Job Description

I am currently looking for an experienced builder that can build realistic map, that has the feel of a private island with nice mountain roads and a big downtown. The map should have a realistic environment, with detailed roads and various buildings that will fit the theme of a driving game.

Please don’t contact me if you don’t have a portfolio.


I will be willing to pay 250K+ Robux for the map or a percentage depending on experience.

Contact Me

You can contact me on Twitter, Discord or on devfourm,
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bourgist
Discord: Bourgist#5555
You MUST be older than 15


Hey, are you looking for a composer?
If so here’s my Portfolio I make epic orchestral songs and superb tracks for any genre you can think of. ~Austin

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Hello! I’m very interested in this project! Here’s my work:

Hey! I sent you a friend request on Discord (s.#6195)

My portfolio; [OPEN] aTelxc | Builder

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