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About Me

Hello! I’m Sinox! I’ve been developing/building on roblox for around 4 years now, going on 5, I have been involved in many professional projects and have worked with some bigger names. To me, building on this platform means a lot to me, considering it pays for everything I buy for the most part. Anyways, that’s enough about me, I’m here for you! Continue below for all the fun stuff.


You can view my work/builds below:






Nowadays, I’m available to work on any projects every day of the week from 8am-11pm PST.


As of now I am only working with USD via Paypal, Venmo, and CashApp. My payment rates are 15$ per hour. I will also be accepting one time upfront payments just as long as it meets the 15$ per hour quota. For one time payments I do require 30% upfront to ensure my own safety throughout the projects development.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, twitter, or my discord order server. Links Below.

Contact Links

Discord Order Server:
Sinox's Commision Orders


Sinox - Roblox

Personal Discord:

I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you for viewing my portfolio. :wave:

[CLOSED] Frappé® (290k members) - Hiring a Full Time Builder! [100K+ R$]
[HIRING] Skilled Low Poly Map Builder
Looking for a 3d modeler/map builder [CLOSED]
Looking for an obby builder {100,000+ robux}
[5k - 30k Robux] Looking to Hire A Map Builder For FPS Game
New Builder Needed For a Hotel! [50k+ ROBUX]
[NOW HIRING] Experienced Scripters / Builders / Animators / Modelers / UI Designers for full-time work (USD) - MELON
[CLOSED] Terrain Developer for State
[HIRING] Builders and Scripters for Mano County Sheriff's Office
[HIRING] Low Poly Builder for Tiny Trampoline Park
[HIRING] Development Team Wanted -100K Robux Budget Or USD-
[SCRIPTER] Builder Looking to Partner with a talented Scripter on Profitable Games
[OPEN] Frozey is looking for a UI Designer!
[60K R/map+17%] Map builder & modeler for Murder Game
[Closed] - Experienced Fast builder [25% + R$85,000+] & Animator [10% + R$35,000]
[OPEN] Builder for Minigames
[LOOKING] Builder or 3D Modeler for Tower Racers
[No Longer Hiring] Logo Designers
[80k] - Hiring Programmer, Builder, Animator
Looking for a map designer: $150-$250 per map [CLOSED]
[CLOSED] Zombies are Attacking Mcdonalds: Remake
[CLOSED] [$150 or equiv in Robux] Looking For a Small But Well Detailed Map!
[Reopened] Hiring a Map Builder
[Hiring] Low Poly Builder to Build a Map
[HIRING] Experienced 3D modelers for map assets! (1,000 to 25,000+ Robux per asset)
[HIRING!] Large Simulator Game | 3D Builder/Modeler Needed!
[CLOSED] [R$ 40K+ / MONTH] Farmlands is Hiring a Builder / 3D Modeler
[$400+ USD] I'm looking for some new recruits to my dev team!
[Closed] Cardinal Studios looking to comission a Map Builder
[CLOSED] [$400 USD] Spider map builders wanted [CLOSED]
Hiring Builder & UI Designer [R$100,000+]
[CLOSED] Modern Warzone Builder Wanted
Hiring developers for 2-3 new games in the upcoming year
(CLOSED FOR NOW) Low poly terrain builder (200 USD)
[R$ 100k - 150k NEGOTIABLE] Bad Business Map Developer
[HIRING] Simulator Scripters!
Looking for a Map Builder (25K / Map)
[100k+ R$] [HIRING] Builder
[CLOSED] Hiring a builder (low-poly preferred) to re-create a map. [200K+]
[12k/yr - 200,000 R$] Builder & 3D Modeler Position [OPEN]
[250K+/Percentage] Wayfort is looking for professional map builders
Skilled Low Poly Builder Needed [57kR$/$200]
[HIRING] Builder, Modeler, and Animator for Large-Scale Game for Popular YouTube Influencer
[OPEN] [2,000+USD] Hiring Team For New Roblox Game

Only good thing here is usage of lighting, your low polys are bit simple. Improving would be needed.