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About Us

Hi there! I am Dev_Prisma (precisely bobsniy) and I am a UI designer with 2 years of experience. Today I decided to create a team to dedicate ourselves to a game that if done well could bring a lot.

The Team
@pawkillah - UI / Project Management
@CouldBeYou - Builder (low poly)
@TropicsDev - Scripter

About The Job

Like the well-known Beeface: Be a bee, Be a Spider! Tycoon you will have to buy different areas with the money you will earn by collecting lego pieces from the ground and hatching toys to find lego helpers.

Builder= knowing how to build well in low poly, knowing where to place each object to make the map as attractive as possible so that players don’t get bored right away.

Scripter= In short, knowing how to do everything, the use of many animations is required, to make the game fun for the eyes of children.

The music, the animation of custom rigs and game icon / thumbnail / logo will be commissioned in one time commissions.

Anyone who does not work for 2 days in a row, or does not do enough will be immediately expelled from the team


Scripter - 45%
builder - 30%
Me - 25%

A sum (at the moment) of 25,000 R$ it will be placed in sponsors and ads, destined to go up as I get quite a lot of commissions and get 15,000 to 30,000 x commission

Contact Us

If you think you are the one, go ahead! I beg anyone with little experience to avoid the application, which will surely be rejected.

Dev_Prisma#9240 - Disc



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