[$25K USD / yr] Adopt Me is hiring Player Support Representatives

UPDATE: Applications are closed as we review and interview the first round of candidates.

DreamCraft is the studio behind Adopt Me, the record-breaking #1 concurrent player count game on Roblox with over 20M monthly active users. As an important part of our growing team, you will help support our worldwide community of players.

Adopt Me is Roblox’s premiere pet adoption game, featuring an in-depth housing and avatar editor, strong trading economy, and vibrant social community



  • Answer incoming customer support tickets relating to bugs, player issues and other inquiries
  • Help coordinate other members of the Player Support team when necessary
  • Liaise with the development team to report bugs and other issues, providing them with relevant information to investigate and resolve
  • Write regular reports including ideas on how to improve the support process and suggestions for new tools to make your job easier
  • Ensure non-support issues such as business enquiries and job applications are sorted properly, and the correct team members contacted
  • Scope to get involved in other areas if they interest you, such as Discord or other parts of our community


  • Previous experience in a customer support role
  • Professionalism and empathy, especially when dealing with customers who may be young, less technologically capable, or have less strong English language skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to work full-time (estimated 40 hours a week)
  • Strong grasp of the English language


  • Experience playing Adopt Me, familiarity with the systems and community
  • Experience with Zendesk or similar ticketing platforms
  • Experience working with young people and parents
  • Understanding of Discord


  • Pay is $25,000 USD / yr

UPDATE: Applications are closed as we review and interview the first round of candidates.

You must be 18 or older to apply. To apply for this job, please email jobs@playadopt.me with the subject “PLAYER SUPPORT REPRESENTATIVE” and include a copy of your CV / Resume, and a brief overview (cover letter) of why you want to work at DreamCraft.


This doesn’t seem like fair compensation. From what research I have done (using glassdoor and other similar websites) companies usually pay anywhere from 31,000 to 34,000 a year (found here). While you are a big company, the salary still does seem pretty low for the position.


This doesn’t seem like fair compensation.

25,000 USD py is fair compensation for the role. The link you posted only cites 2 jobs (in the US), both of which are on-site in high cost of living areas, and require experience. 25k is above average for support roles in the US and EU, and more than you’d be earning in most equivalent customer support roles processing tickets.

In the second image, the average is skewed up by specialist roles that require specific experience and have increased responsibilities.

Here are some additional benefits of the role to consider:

  • No qualifications required, experience preferred but not required. Entry level role, perfect for people starting out
  • Work from home: you can live anywhere you want in the world. No expensive commute, can live a great life in many places
  • Flexible working hours - as long as you get the work done, you can fit your hours around your lifestyle. Other similar jobs force you to be in a physical office from 9am to 6pm every day

My first Technical Support job was 17,000 USD py. We had to work night shifts, and perform highly technical tasks. As someone who has worked full-time customer / player support, I think the compensation offered is great - with lots of room to grow. If you disagree that’s totally fair, people should only apply if they are happy with the compensation - I’d have jumped at the chance to get some experience working on Adopt Me for over 20k GBP as my first job :smiley:


This is a job where no technical skill is required.
Assuming a 40 hour work week it comes out to $12 hour, this is more fair, they are being generous.


I get what you mean, and when you phrase it that way it does seem much better. I wasn’t thinking about working from home as I didn’t see it specified, by that makes a huge difference along with your other points.


This craving offer is exceedingly tempting. It’s truly fascinating how you provide extraordinarily high pay-rates for a job that requires no technical experience. ~$4 ($12/hour)* above American minimum average (source (2018)) is amazing, especially for a potentially remote position.

Also, a few “Nice to Have” / “Should Have” trait ideas (these are simply ideas from the top of my head that will most-probably be ineffective):

  • Bilingual/Multilingual ability
  • Effective strategies in problem-solving revolving around the Roblox community which may consist of children
  • Neat way to organize unsolved tickets and clear way that distinguishes the status of an on-going ticket**

Are we allowed to set our own hours?

*According to @VineyardVine

**This can mean creating a spreadsheet that contains the Discord message URL / external URL and includes information like the user who created the ticket, etc.

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I have a good question, would there be a sort of contract that can prove the income?

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Yes hours are for the most part flexible. There is a weekly team meeting that you may need to be present for and a couple of scheduled meetings here and there, but otherwise you can choose your own hours.


Yep! There will be a contract that includes payment information.


Hey, I have a few questions. Hope you don’t mind.

  • How many Tickets on average do you receive each day?
  • How many Tickets on average do you reply to each day?
  • In a reply below you say hours are for the most part flexible, would this mean someone could potentially work 5-6 works per day to meet the 40 hour requirement?

I am interested just the pay, I prefer not to make that much.

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Just applied! (rbxrootx)

Good luck everyone.

Thank you for the opportunity!


We can’t answer specific questions about our system, sorry.

would this mean someone could potentially work 5-6 works per day to meet the 40 hour requirement?

People can work their own hours except for scheduled meetings so technically yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s really important to take time / days off work - this isn’t a job I’d recommend for someone who has school or another job or other daily responsibilities.


What’s the purpose behind that age barrier? :eyes: Is it a maturity check?

The age restriction is likely due to legal reasons with US employment.

When you try to employ individuals that are not adults, you need to comply with difficult “Child Labor Laws”. You also don’t really want children acting as your support representatives when you are trying to run a legitimate operation.

  1. When you were 13, would you consider yourself mature enough for this position?
  2. Would payment in another currency [i.e. Bitcoin, ROBUX] change any aspect of the job provided at all or be able to bypass the “Child Labor Laws.”
    I think I’m capable of being a community rep and handling public relations, but that age requirement is making me :scream:

1: No? Being 13 is far, far too young to be employed, especially in a Customer Service position.
2: Adopt Me is trying to employ individuals as a registered company. They are definitely not in the business to break employment regulations or to pay employees in crypto…

Back on topic of this post anyways, their compensation plan is very, very good for a remote position and the nature of work involved.


Applied. Email was Idhaubusiness@outlook.com

:shock: This is honestly a great opportunity, I applied.