2D Art Commission [Hight Graphics]

Hello, my name is EDRBLX! Im selling some 2D arts! For my laptop funds and also my robux game! I am Kind hearted, Fast, Active, Responseble artist That awaits you, Order now!

And also My art Is a high Graphics one :slight_smile:

Here are some if my showcase and my commission sheet! Hope youlove them!

Commission sheet

My works

I am always available, But depends on your timing! My time zone is PHT And This is not a 24 Hours work so I might be sleeping by 12 am until 9 am PHT.

You could either Pay me Robux Or Paypal, But Recomendation Is paypal Since I am Needing it for my laptop funds for school! And I will make your work better!



•200R$ With tax
•500R$ Wit tax (If you want to support me)


•2$ USD With tax
•5-10$ USD (If you want to is support me)

You could Contact me here and Also Discord! Im mostly active on Discord but Don’t worry I could check your request here

Discord: EDRBLX#7463
DevForum: @edroi123

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: