2D Art - Feedback

This is a drawing I made recently (Captain America’s Armor) … and I am looking for feedback.


Looks good but a bit pixelated. Also, I cannot really tell what it is. Good job!

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Thanks. It is supposed to be Captain America’s Armor.

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Lookin’ great so far, although I suggest increasing the resolution to 2048x2048 or use a standard 1080p resolution to make those pixelation artifacts not as noticeable.

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Thank you for you kind words! I will definitely do that in the future.

Nice, I can feel that comic book essence. Why not more dynamic shading like blending and gradients?

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That is a really nice drawing; the only complaint I have is the low image quality, but other then that it’s a nice drawing! I recognized it as Captain America’s Armor right off the bat.

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Alright, thanks.

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Thanks a lot! I was having trouble changing the the quality of the picture, I’ll look into it more next time.