2d character graphic art

Hi! Would like helpful feedback on this 2d art I did - thanks :revolving_hearts:

I’m aware the anatomy is not great, would like some tips to get better at it.


Your art is good! I actually think the anatomy is fine, it’s the mouth that caught me off guard. It looks like a squished bubblegum bubble. It took me a second to realize it was a mouth. Maybe make the colors of the mouth darker? And add lines of a tongue? The cauldron and potions cabinet (?) looks a tad bit squashed as well. I really like the melting candles and your background is great. And wow! :happy4: your wizard hat is amazing!!


I don’t have tips for you but it looks dope!

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realy great! altough there is one problem with the pose.
if a human would take that pose he would mores tand on his phalanges (toebone) instead of the tops of his toes. hqdefault
like that.
Sometimes its hard to draw a pose from a refrence, i recommend you to take the same pose as the character to see how your feet or arms will bend and then it will be easy to draw from the refrence picture

and you might want to sharpen the shadows a bit the objects and character look like floating


I really like it but I notice some things:

  • Shoe soul seem a big off at the heel.
  • The pot has a black splotch on the left
  • Bit more shadow behind the girl
  • Bit more shadow on the cardboard box
  • Blend the roses checks a bit more and make more pink
  • Less harsh lines for folds
  • Brick maybe some grung/depth
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Thank you everyone who replied with advice, I will make sure to try and improve on everything. :+1:

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you are welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi, this is very good! This drawing is very nice to look at, so that’s awesome! However, there are a lot of things that could be improved on. I’ll only be giving a few… The hands are anatomically wrong. They are very small and could be largened, the same with the wand; it just doesn’t look right? Next up is the shoes. YouTube is a good place to go for anatomy, as well as just practicing so definitely have a good look around. Next up is the mouth. Nothing that bad with the mouth! Just add a tongue (in a shape of a semi-circle, not actually sticking out) and just like the mouth, the cauldron has nothing entirely bad with it; maybe add a few bubbles to it to make it more witchy. Finally, lighting! Maybe add a shadow behind the character? Do whatever you please! Overall it is an amazing 2D art and you should definitely be proud of it! Also, I apologise if I sound rude, I’m not the best at explaining :worried: Well done, and good luck on your art journey! :black_heart:

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This looks pretty awesome. I like the entire colour scheme and how it has a candy vibe to it. Keep up the good work!


I like it, I recommend hiring her for any 2d art. I bought a logo from her and it looks AMAZING!

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